Benefits And Features Of PanPage CMS

Benefits And Features Of PanPage CMS

Jul 22

Mission Statement

cmsPanPage provide content management for small business websites. The business started on the premise that user friendly, affordable website designs just don’t exist for the smaller businesses with a budget of less than a thousand pounds. Not everyone can use the complexities of code, and not every business is going to be backed by enough cash so as to splash out thousands of pounds on web design. So, PanPage took things into our own hands and decided to come up with our own.

We provide a consummate service that allows the user, no matter how inexperienced they are with HTML, coding, or even basic website maintenance, greater control than ever before. Our aim is to instill more confidence into smaller businesses by providing them a content management service for their websites that not only gets their business seen and noticed, but which helps them to stand out. Our service is designed with the user in mind, and for this reason we offer an array of helpful guides and we simplify the whole process of web design and content management so that it never has to be daunting again.


The PanPage service is designed look slick, professional and yet at the same time cost-effective for the website designer and site owner. Our websites can be customised to suit your business needs, and conform to the look that is right for you, and we offer an array of ready-made templates for those who find the basics of code a little tricky. We provide step-by-step editing guides to help people along on their way, and we have simplified the whole process of HTML and coding so that managing your website’s content doesn’t have to be difficult.

Yet all of this doesn’t come at the cost of professionalism. Our standards are very high, and we offer a HTML service that allows the user to program and design their site to an accomplished standard. We also offer ready-made themes that cater to an array of different styles and tones, meaning that there is something for everyone. Choosing and installing a theme is easy, and you can even replace a theme as you go along. Nothing is fixed, everything is flexible – and everything, with PanPage, is simple. PanPage is there with you all the way.

SEO Services

One of the first things people think about when launching their website is whether or not it will be SEO friendly. PanPage is designed to be SEO friendly right from the start, and we give you complete control over everything you need to get your site seen, from easy access to meta-tags, to control of file names. Moreover, we provide a detailed guide on exactly what you need to make your website stand out. We provide information on keywords, headings, and body text that will help to improve your websites SEO.

By choosing PanPage, you are choosing a service that understands not just the importance of SEO – but we understand exactly how it works, and we offer help with businesses who are just getting started. The aim of PanPage is to get its customers seen.


One of the key benefits to using PanPage is that, unlike other content management sites, we believe in promoting a friendly, personable, interactive website that thrives on communication with its clients. We are well aware that HTML – even just the basics – can be a little daunting at first, and this is why we provide helpful guides that vacate our site. We are on hand to help, and we provide a plethora of information that will help you out as you set about designing and maintaining your site.

We Believe In Progress

One of the exciting things about PanPage is that we’re always using our ingenuity to come up with new ideas and new tools. PanPage is an ongoing project, and a quick look around our site will give you clues as to the new things we’re working on which will be coming soon. We never stop still, but firmly believe in the idea that progress breed’s success. With PanPage, you are not just buying into a simple website design – you are buying into an ever evolving project which places you, the customer, at the heart of it. We already provide a multitude of ready-made themes, but we’re always conceiving new ones, and we are even open to hearing about new ideas for features from you!

Panpage is a CMS owned and licensed by Abbeydale Web Design Sheffield, for a free trial of the software please contact the owner.