Best 10 UK Hosting

The Best 10 UK Hosting Sites

Best 10 UK HostingThese best 10 UK hosting sites have been separately reviewed using important indicators. They have also been rated by web designers and professional web masters. They were chosen according to their customer support, reliability,pricing, control panel, features, server uptime and ease of use. Read on to find out what makes them the best.

1) Just

This company is the leading web hosting provider in the UK. It not only has superb uptime but provides ease of use and offers a comprehensive package of unrivalled features such as easy script installs for some of the most popular blogs and cms systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. It combines this with low pricing and a money-back guarantee to emerge the leading web hosting site in the UK.


PHP, free lifetime domain, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited wordpress blog, money-back guarantee.

2) iPage Hosting
iPage was established in 1998. It is eco-friendly and is powered by 100 percent wind energy. The company provides top notch web hosting services at a low cost for both small and medium sized websites. For any novice designer or webmaster, this hosting site offers a good entry level opportunity.


Free domain, MySql, PHP, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, WordPress, Green Hosting.

3) Fatcow

This is an established green web hosting company that provides services to personal sites as well as small businesses. It offers great features such as “one click” installation for popular cms scripts like Joomla and WordPress and this helps to prevent changing of databases and code. The company was founded in 1998 and has managed to survive despite stiff competition due to its unique web hosting services based on good customer care, ease of use, high uptime, and affordable rates.


Unlimited bandwidth and space, green hosting, free domain, PHP, MySql, money-back guarantee.

4) Godaddy

This company has managed to build a strong reputation for itself since its inception over a decade ago. It offers a very straightforward setup process and its web hosting service gives an option for all control levels; from beginner to expert.


PHP, MySql, Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB space.

5) 1and1

This is the most established and largest web hosting company in the UK. It has a pioneering dual hosting, which makes its uptime reliability to be very strong. Its interface is easy to use and offers a wide range of features.


5GB space, unlimited bandwidth, PHP, MySql, free domain, mobile site, dual hosting.

6) Hostpapa

This company is 100 percent environmental friendly and powers its servers and facilities with renewable energy. It also offers a reliable and great value hosting package. It has excellent customer service and its control panel is easy to use and offers a wide range of features.


PHP, MySql, unlimited bandwidth and space, free domain for life, wordpress blog, green hosting, 30-day money back, free website builder.

7) Supergreen Hosting

Many companies have now realized the importance of being eco-friendly and are initiating campaigns to boost customer confidence. Supergreen powers its servers with renewable energy and has a tree planting system that ensures the company stays carbon neutral. It provides one of the best web hosting packages.


PHP, MySql, green hosting, free domain, wordpress, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth.

8) Heart

This company prides itself on its excellent customer service. It has an easy to use control panel and a very helpful setup for beginners which has advanced features to provide more flexibility. The company has an efficient customer care system which is simply initiated through a ticketing system that is available 24/7.


30GB bandwidth, 5GB space, PHP, 30 days money-back guarantee

9) Uk 2

This company also offers 1 click installs, which makes it easy to install the popular blog packages instantly such as wordpress, pMachine, B2Evolution and Nucleus.


PHP, MySql, free domain, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, wordpress hosting.

10) Web Fusion

This company has data centres situated in UK’s major cities which offer excellent customer support.


PHP, MySql, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space.