Host your site with more confidence

Host your site with more confidence

Jul 29

Website hostingDo you want to get the best out of web hosting? Even if you happen to be from a non technical background, with proper guidance and practices you can definitely look at hosting a site entirely on your own. Also, that would in turn mean better management of your business online, considering that it would be entirely in your own hands. WordPress tutorials is more of an encyclopedia containing total information regarding what is required to get your site up running all well.

Some of the exclusive feature rich packages that you can look forward to are –

Huge collection of topics

A huge collection of tutorials (namely WordPress encyclopedia) exist in the site for your reference. They are probably more than 330 videos and topics that will take you through the step by step process of WordPress hosting. The tutorials, being so many in numbers, greatly cover all topics one might need to know regarding the subject. Of all, it lays stress on three very important topics which are:

  • Quality and design of the website.
  • Marketing facilities for your site, utilizing the full power of various social media and search engine optimization tools that are at your disposal.
  • And lastly, making your site open to monetization by adding privileges like membership offerings and advertisements.

This feature is available to customers on a donation scheme of $1-$97.

Live sessions

The encyclopedia is a great option to subscribe to. However, the presence of a live assistant can be of more help to many of the customers who would like to actually undergo training on a practical basis. WP Live is exactly the type of plan suitable for such kind of enthusiasts. You are assigned to an instructor, and sessions are held at least 2-3 hours every week. These sessions are held for small groups, and one can even have an unlimited number of attendances. Besides, you are also offered a huge library of customized themes and photos that can be used during site building. The WP Live package is offered to interested customers at $45 per month. Benefits that are available in the encyclopedia package are also included in WP Live.

The basic free offering

The WP Essentials package is provided to customers for free. It consists of a quick start tutorial guide and also covers some of the very important aspects of WordPress hosting like themes, images, etc.


WordPress Academy not only provides tutorials, but also hosting services for numerous clients. They are many packages that are offered here too, and thus a customer has a number of options to pick from. Proper support is provided during the process to clients. You can obtain support schemes for sites that are hosted elsewhere too. Discounts are offered to clients who subscribe to long term plans too.

With these tutorials, one can easily look forward to learning and, further building their own sites. A number of clients and students alike, find our lessons very helpful, which has got them progressing in all facets of their website hosting work.