Imagery Aspect in Facebook Advertising

Imagery Aspect in Facebook Advertising

Dec 16

Facebook AdvertisingSocial media space was revolutionized back in 2006 when Facebook opened its doors to the wider public. Since then, a lot has happened to Facebook as a social media platform. It has more than a billion active users now making it the largest social media website on the planet.

This creates unique opportunities for the marketing sector. A billion active Facebook users create a pool of people that can be accessed easily for marketing purposes. This unique aspect about Facebook has pulled in many businesses to Facebook to market themselves. It is now a common place for you to find ads on Facebook.

Marketing of all sorts of companies is possible in Facebook, from large multinational companies such as Coca-Cola to your local coffee shop down the street. As an advertising platform, Facebook has an incredible ability to suit the advertising needs of every company, regardless of its size. Even if some of them have to buy Facebook likes, it does not matter. What is important is that their business will show as a credible one.

Being a social network, Facebook marketing requires the marketing techniques to have a social aspect to it, so as to blend and fit in the social network environment. One very important aspect of Facebook is the avid use of imagery, in the form of pictures and videos to share experiences. It creates a fun environment where everyone wants to come back to.

Use of Pictures and Videos in Facebook Marketing

The imagery aspect of Facebook creates a very good avenue for marketing, with a greater degree of Return on Investment (ROI) than any other aspect of marketing in social media marketing. Research has shown that marketing campaigns that are heavily reliant on using pictures and videos to pass on the intended messages have a greater degree of success compared to marketing using words only.

Facebook users have a prioritizing mechanism that only creates room for a very few interesting post to view and actually interact with. Photos and videos make your message interestingly notable to many Facebook users.

Tips on Using Pictures and Videos in Facebook Marketing

The useof photos and videos is an important aspect of social media. It is a major component of socializing on the web. Without videos and photos, socializing on Facebook would not be the same as how we know it today.

That being said, marketing on Facebook can make use of photos and videos as a marketing strategy. Utilizing this aspect of social media is easy and frankly a must-do for all who are marketing via Facebook. Tips on how to use imagery in Facebook marketing include:

  • Makinguse of in-action photos
  • Makinguse of images of items and things that are related to what you are marketing. This is very important, as your followers need to get the message on what you are selling in a social and fun way.
  • Makinguse of peoples’ images. Facebook is a social networking site where interaction is with other human beings. You need to showcase and have a human touch to your marketing plans
  • Have words in your pictures. Since using pictures is a major marketing tool, have a few words embedded within the picture to enhance marketing.

Social media marketing is now evolving quickly. Do not be left behind and take a ride on the marketing bandwagon.