The perfect workforce management tool

The perfect workforce management tool

Jun 21

workforce management toolWith increasing number of entrepreneurs all around the globe, the need of managing employees and their schedule of work and keep a tally of other related things are getting important with fewer resources. Moreover, saving time is probably the most important factor to keep you in the competition in this busy world.

So, with rapid development in the software industry and with growing number of smartphones and tablets, lots of software applications are being made to help you out with almost all sorts of problems. In order to solve the problem of scheduling your employees and to increase the efficiency of your work structure, several software and applications are also being developed. Amongst the various software and applications available, Ento is one of the best rostering software in the present market. It is easy to download and it is also very intuitive to use, among several other features of the product.

Ento is basically a group of software developers dedicated to develop cutting edge management tools for entrepreneurs. The developers at Ento are passionate about their work and their primary motto is to build happier workplaces. The expert developers at Ento provide a complete scheduling tool to manage your employees. It helps you to schedule your employees work structure efficiently by offering you cloud based scheduling, leave/vacation and attendance sheet. Below are some features of Ento –

  • Using Ento, you will be able to set schedule for your employees in seconds. With innovative programming, you will be able to calculate complex cost rules without wasting a single second. With other automated systems and settings, you will save yourself a huge amount of time using Ento.
  • With an intuitive interface, you will be able to save a lot of time with simple gestures and system’s automated behaviour.
  • With advance features like facial recognition, you will be able to manage precise time and attendance. And with advance synchronisation, you will be able to merge upcoming shifts directly with current attendance sheet and status.
  • You will be able to integrate it easily with your accounts and leave/vacation and attendance sheet. So, you will be able to manage the pay roll of your employees easily and efficiently.
  • With a transparent interface, your employees will have a direct access to their upcoming schedule and a special communication system to get in touch with you and the team easily and efficiently. Ento is available on most of phones and tablets as applications.
  • With the help of intuitive and intelligent interface, you will be able to broadcast message easily via email and share important documents with your team at a single click.
  • Even with a large number of employees, you will be able to work fluently with Ento’s powerful employee management system.

So, if you need a workforce management tool like Ento, you can have it immediately. You can obtain a free trial for fourteen days, with a twenty four hour open live chat desk and Ento’s customer care and helpline desk to support you with any kind of issues.

Another aspect is that Ento’s tools are completely web-based, so you don’t have to worry about installing this software as you can access it through your browser.